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SCALLOP (Pecten maximus)


It is a bivalve mollusc belonging to the Pectinidae family. Its shells are undulated and resemble a fan, the inferior one being larger than the top one which is almost flat, with sharp and undulated edges.

They swim by shaking by opening and closing their shells or they rest on their bottom shell.


They live in deep water on clean and firm sandbanks close to the coast, up to 100m deep. They are also farmed on rafts.

They feed on phytoplankton and suspending organic particles.

They are found in the Atlantic from northern Norway to southern Spain, especially in the Rias Baixas.


They are harvested with scallop dredges or by collection if they are farmed.


They are hermaphrodites, the orange bit being the female side and the white part the male, the latter maturing earlier.


Generally it is only gathered in January, February and December.

Nutritional value

Rich in protein; calcium; folic acid; phosphates and vitamin B12.

Por 100g. de porción comestible Por unidad (175g.)
Energía (Kcal) 84 37
Proteínas (g) 19 8,3
ω-3 (g) 0,14 0,06
Colesterol (mg) 40 17,5
Calcio (mg) 120 52,5
Hierro (mg) 2,4 1,1
Magnesio (mg) 38 16,6
Sodio (mg) 270 118,1
Potasio (mg) 480 210
Fósforo (mg) 315 137,8
Vit. B6 (mg) 0,15 0,07
Ác. Fólico (µg) 17 7,4
Vit. B12 (µg) 1,53 0,7
Vit. A:Eq.Retinol (µg) 15 6,6