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SCARLET PRAWN (Plesiopenaeus spp)


The scarlet prawn is a soft shelled ten-legged swimming crustacean belonging to the Palaemonidae family. It looks like a large shrimp, the average size being between 10 and 20cm and the biggest around 30cm, of a uniform and intense red, with an elongated head, and the head has numerous crests and ridges.

It is a migratory swimmer.


It is present in both cold and mild waters, and it lives in sandy seabeds between 100 and 2000m depth, usually over 700m.

It feeds on detritus, plankton and seaweed.

Its distribution is mainly in the South Atlantic and the Mediterranean.


It is caught by raking the seabed and occasionally with handmade nets, although the fisheries have little bearing on it being a relatively rare seafood.


During its reproduction the female can deposit between three hundred thousand and a million eggs, from which the first larvae being washed away from the seabed (the white substratum), and in this stage they become voracious and develop in very little time.

Nutritional value

Rich in protein, omega 3, sodium, calcium and vitamin B12.

Por 100g. de porción comestible Por ración (1u. 140g.)
Energía (Kcal) 106 89
Proteínas (g) 20,3 17,1
ω-3 (g) 0,5 0,42
Colesterol (mg) 152 127,7
Calcio (mg) 320 268,8
Magnesio (mg) 110 92,4
Sodio (mg) 3840 3225,6
Potasio (mg) 400 336
Fósforo (mg) 205 172,2
Ác. Fólico (µg) 3 2,5
Vit. B12 (µg) 1,6 1
Vit. A:Eq.Retinol (µg) 25 21
Vit. E (mg) 1,5 1,3