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PULLET CARPET SHELL (Venerupis Pullastra)


It is a bivalve mollusc that belongs to the Veneridus family. It has concentric lines cross the shell from one side to the other, their shape is oval and they are clear grey or cream.

Less resistant than when taken out of the water, its meat is tender but more receptive to changes in salt levels and temperature, because of which many die during heavy flooding.

It manages to bury itself by movements of its muscular foot.


It lives in the depths of fine sand, gravel or mud, from the shallowest sea bed up to 40m of depth.

It feeds on small living beings by filtration of the water.

It is found in the Eastern Atlantic with its northern limits North Africa and the Mediterranean.


Mainly caught by trailing a rod behind a boat. During spring tides with rakes in the manner of shellfish catchers on foot.


They are usually separate sexes which achieve external fertilisation, the action taking place in spring and summer.


Each guild will close off 2 months for biological reasons, and this is considered the close season. The state of the product will be determined by a biologist, generally produced by the spawning.

Nutritional value

Low calorie content, rich in calcium, iron and iodine.

Energía (Kcal) 7,05
Proteínas (g) 1,6
Colesterol (mg) 30
Calcio (mg) 19,2
Hierro (mg) 3,6
Sodio (mg) 43,3
Potasio (mg) 39,1
Fósforo (mg) 21,1